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May 23, 2017

Free From Strings

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How many times have you listened to someone else’s opinion and then formed your opinion solely on another’s opinion?

How many times have you been swayed into a new way of thinking (about someone else) just from a simple statement from someone and you have no other evidence to support the statement made?

How many times have you felt strongly about something and because a good friend or multiple people started speaking contrary to your feelings you changed your stance?

Then your life just might be dangling on strings like a puppet…ready to dance as directed. Keep your hands free so you can dance freely.  Know what you know or research to clarify and determine otherwise as necessary.

Eph 4:14,15 Lev 19:16 Prov  20:19 Prov 26:21 Psa 34:13


August 2, 2014

Meet me at My Place

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The experiences in our lives allow us to have certain things resonate in our minds at given times. I recently read a book that was a professional recommendation called Expect to Win. I am sometimes reluctant to read certain things as I feel it will simply be a repeat or re-wording of some of the same things I have heard before. However after reading it and the more I thought about it, the more I realized this book resonated with me in a way that I feel probably would not have 7-10 years ago. This reminds me of how important it can be to “Meet People at their Place”. I have been guilty in the past of wanting others to see things the way I see them and feel frustration when they were not able to see things as I did. People will not always agree with you, see things the way you do, or take your thoughts as intended. However, that is the beauty of life. We give and receive nuggets of ideas and allow others the ability to receive them, marinate on them, or simply reject them. There are times when just nuggets of thoughts and ideas are enough. When more is needed or desired, those nuggets can easily be turned to larger pieces of gold whether it is right then, later, by you or someone else. That is for the person receiving to determine. What is the point of frustration regarding an idea? Who are we but continual learners? When a nugget given is not needed or desired, those nuggets can easily go right through a person and not be received at all. In these times, we simply have to recognize it as such and move on. We may meet someone at their place via various forms such as books, nuggets in conversations, facebook, articles, etc. We may at times take for granted where we are in relation to where someone else is regarding a specific topic or idea and place expectations beyond where one may actually be in life. When I say beyond where one may be in life, I don’t mean in terms of maturity; I simply mean a current state of mentality. One’s current state of mentality may be completely different regardless of maturity level as a result of experiences and background. We all have variations of maturity levels in that one may be more mature in one area and not another, whereas another may be mature in exactly opposite areas. Take for example the book I read Expect to Win. Some years ago, I would have frowned upon some of the suggestions made regarding selling yourself because of where I was mentally. However, I have known others who are quite younger than me who have probably always done some of the things suggested. On the other hand, I have always done other things that were suggested and others who are younger or older have not. Another example is a well known author who wrote a book about living positively. After her well known book in which she helped lots of people, she went through a life struggle and had a hard time dealing with some of the very things she poured into others to fight through. It doesn’t mean she didn’t get it when she was writing it; it may be that she was writing based on her current struggles and her new struggle took her to a different place in life. Just an example of the various “places” in which we live. I love that we each have our own personal journey in life and we learn at a pace that is ours. We have the option to choose a path or idea. We learn at our own “place”. The one thing I love about a book is I can take it and pull all of the wonderful things out of it I desire and discard whatever in it I don’t like. I love reading, learning, and discovering more about myself everyday. I love the ability to receive and give nuggets to others. I love the idea of realizing the importance of meeting someone at their place. In whatever form that comes, if it can make a positive difference, that is all that really matters. For me, being able to meet someone at their place is a special gift of understanding. For someone to meet me at my place is a special gift of understanding me. As a term Oprah coined, “I see you”. Do you see me?

June 7, 2012

Being Rich: Money can’t buy it…

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Someone wrote, “If you really want to feel rich, count all the blessings you have that money can’t buy.”  Simply stated, but a wealth of wisdom

December 30, 2011

Giving Love

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If one has never been loved, how can one give love.  One cannot give what has never been in him to give.  Can they?

May 16, 2011

Striving Still

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David Cottrell wrote a book titled “12 Choices…That Lead to Your Success”.  This book discussed choices we all must make in our daily lives.  Although I could go on and quote the whole book as it is an awesome read, I am going to quote a few things for this post.   He stated “Our challenge is to live our character, action and investment choices so naturally that we make the best choices almost subconsciously.”  He also recited psychologist Abraham Maslow’s quote, “The human race is the story of men and women selling themselves short.” Wow! What a major collection of thoughts in those two lines of words! Why do we often find ourselves struggling to keep living life as we intend to live it? I intend to live my best life, but sometimes things, thoughts, situations get in the way. Yet, I believe I should be able to live my best life even in the midst of those things, thoughts and situations. That is much easier said. However, I strive.

Current Position

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I wonder what life would be like if we spent more time focusing on making our current position better than focusing on what is not right and what should be right with our current position?

Trusting Feelings

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I once heard someone say, you can’t always go by what you feel. Well, if you don’t trust your feelings, who or what can you trust?

January 11, 2011

Life Gets in the Way

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When life gets in the way;
It teaches us to remember we are not the source of control

When life gets in the way;
It teaches us to look beyond ourselves to see the better part of life

When life gets in the way;
It teaches us to face, grow past, and learn from obstacles

When life gets in the way;
It teaches us to become more than average

When life gets in the way;
It teaches us to sometimes move forward, other times stand still, but always look up

When life gets in the way;
We become our Makers tool,

Yet, we can only become a tool when we allow ourselves to be useful
When life gets in your way;
Get useful;

The way of life, is God

© Copyright January 2, 2008

September 14, 2010

Cultivate Your Spirit

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Do we really spend time cultivating what is truly on the inside or do we spend too much time cultivating what is on the outside? Life is about getting to the heart of you and determining that passion that drives you in life. What is it that God has given you that makes you feel best inside? What have you done or do that makes you feel a sense of accomplishment and happy? Whatever it is, do it. Cultivate what brings out the best in you. Too often we get thrown off by environmental factors around us. It happens. Brush those things off and go back to the good part of you. Take time to do a little bit more of that thing that makes you feel good. It can’t grow unless you cultivate it.

August 24, 2010

Life and Times of You

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Think about the last 5 years of your life. Expectations, Memories, Goals. Now, think about the upcoming 5 years of your life. What do you want to do to resolve new expectations, create memories, and accomplish goals to look back on when the next 5 year moment comes? Plan it, Write it, Accomplish it! Know where you are going, how you are going to get there and when you want to be there to get it.
“There are those who travel and those who are going somewhere. They are different yet they are the same. The success has this over its rivals: He knows where he is going.” Mark Caine

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